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Environmental plan


Supporting the building of a better and greener environment is a committment for, as well as the satisfaction of customers and the production of value services. is working to minimize the impact on environment through the following strategies.

Minimize energy consumption and carbon footprint, by:
- reducing the use of paper and substituting wherever possible paper document with virtual documents
- minimizing the use of white paper and not-recycled paper
- avoiding the use of high consumption lighting systems, replacing traditional bulbs with low consumption bulbs and LED lights
- minimizing transports, by using local labour, local services and locally available materials

Recycle and maximize the life-cycle of products and equipments, by:
- maximizing the re-use of equipment and structures (i.e. stands, exhibition structures and shells);
- avoiding the use of throw-away equipments and structures
- selecting durable materials and equipment, so to avoid the need for early replacement
- minimize the use of packaging materials that cannot be reused/recycled
- separating waste and adopting selective waste disposal

Innovate materials and design, by:
- testing and introducing new materials for building up stands, shells and printed material, including: recyclable materials (paper, PET and other recyclable plastics, wood, natural tissues); low cost and low energy consumption equipments (lights, computers, monitors, etc.)
- adopting new design in order to reduce the need for artificial light and promoting the use of recyclable materials (metals, wood, paper, natural fibers)

Support the development of a green economy, by:
- selecting of service and product providers, giving preference whenever possible to those having a clear environmental policy
- using whenever possible green and natural elements in the exposition structure design

Support environmental consciousness, by:
- proposing to customers to adopt “green solutions” for their problems (i.e. use of recycled structures, substitution of paper, etc.)
- sponsoring environmental education and civic initiatives
- embedding in structure and service design environmental keen elements and behaviours




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