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Personalized stand design / Mixed solutions

SPECIAL : TRANSFORM 2019 IN HONG KONG has designed and built for this successful event in Hong Kong - HKCEC: the exhibition area (general plan + every single booth), the complete signage and the main stage backdrop. Photo gallery is coming soon, here's the videoclip!!! That event follows the editions 2015 in VIENNA, 2013 in ABU DHABI YAS MARINA F1 circuit and 2011 SINGAPORE...

...where has built the exhibition area (general plan + booths), signage and main stage backdropthe exhibition area (general plan + every single booth). In VIENNA has built also a movie theater for a stunning 3D vision, a marketplace lounge with 7 touchscreen workstations, the complete signage and the main stage backdrop, too..

TRANSFORM 2013 ABU DHABI: have a look on the ReinhausenTV channel video on You Tube

TRANSFORM 2011 SINGAPORE: have a look on the Vcam4 Medienmanufaktur video on You Tube is made of a team of exhibition designers and project managers specialized in creating 3D environments that inform, inspire and entertain.
Our personalized stand design solutions are best for more individual projects with architectural requirements.
Our mixed stand structure solutions, realized with prebuilt structure and enriched with custom built elements are the solution for particularly cost-effective individuality.
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