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Measuring of equilibrium and orientation in a particular aquatic space-time.

Refinement of personal and external consciousness.

Extension of the cinestetic sensibility, tactile, visual, and aural, thanks to new and various stimuli provided by water with respect to the earth environment.

Exploration and control with respect to the subjective sensations, with an objective result furnished by the water itself during the experientations under-water immersions and by voluntary modulations of breathing activity.

Optimization of the psycho-physico, and the balance of energy in states of rest and in movement: analysis and critical evaluation of the contributions given, in immersion and emmersion, of the volume and the grade of freedom and flexibility of every single part of one's body;

Consciousness of the blocks imposed and of the help offered by the water in all swimming situations; through the understanding of one's individual capacity and limits, the correct of energy with respect to the projected action.

The improvement of the quality of the state of equilibrium and dynamics: stability of floating, control of immersions and emmersions and of gliding through water; elegance of the propulsive actions, essentiality and economy of motor-facilities; co-ordination of individual and man-water systems.

General objectives: An increase in physical, mental self-respect and autonomy with regards to the environment and to others; of the capacity to relate in a manner which recognitive and co-creative, interactive way; fostering individual and social responsibility and safety.